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Estate Administration

Paige understands firsthand the legal, financial, and emotional challenges that arise from the loss of a loved one. She empathetically and effectively helps her clients navigate through every stage of the estate administration process, also commonly referred to as the probate administration process. Paige’s paperwork explains the legal terminology and what information you should gather, or get her help gathering, when a loved one passes away with or without a Last Will and Testament.

Estate administration matters can get complicated and having an attorney like Paige who focuses exclusively in this area is a real benefit.

Paige can help you complete and file the appropriate probate forms and properly administer the estate, and she will keep you informed every step of the way. She helps her clients with collecting assets, calculating the debts, and assisting with the manner in which those debts should be paid, based on Georgia law. Paige works with her clients to help distribute assets. Death is a difficult time. Paige performs a variety of tasks to ensure that your loved one’s affairs are handled with the upmost respect and professionalism.  Paige believes this area requires flexibility as clients need varying levels of assistance. Estate administration does not require an attorney but having one can be incredibly useful. See what other clients say about working with Paige and how she helped them after losing a loved one.

Paige works on an hourly basis and her services include:

  • Consulting with her clients and providing recommendations regarding the personal representative’s and/or trustee’s duties and obligations,
  • Preparing and filing the appropriate petition(s) in the appropriate probate court,
  • Preparing and filing a notice to debtors and creditors that meets Georgia’s requirements,
  • Coordinating with CPAs regarding tax issues,
  • Coordinating with financial advisors regarding inheritance issues and questions,
  • Assisting with the appropriate communications to heirs and/or beneficiaries,
  • Preparing and filing inventories and annual returns, if necessary,
  • Assistance with estate distributions, and
  • Preparing and filing discharge petitions

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